Open Edge - Fenton
These little baskets and bowls are a very popular pattern. Base sizes are 2 1/2 inches and 1 7/8 inches with the smaller more common. Auctioneers rarely provide the base size and, if anything, give just the top spread. A rarer version of this pattern has three rows around the edge. Fenton also made a similar pattern with a berry pattern on the interior (Blackberry Open Edge). Open Edge has been reissued by Fenton and should have the Fenton mark on the bottom. Two row baskets were used as the basis for advertising pieces for the John H. Brand and Miller Furniture companies. The jack-in-the-pulpit shape shown above is unusual, though not rare. The ice cream shaped bowl is celeste blue, a Fenton color.
The three pieces above are unusual. A gold-decorated ruffled hat in ice blue; a rose bowl in red; and an unusual shape, this flared hat in marigold. Occasional plates are found. You can build quite the collection of open edge pieces as bowls are shaped many ways and the number of colors seems unending.
Much like Fenton's 2-row pattern but somewhat larger and with three rows of lattice at the edge. While the 2-row examples are very common, the 3-row are quite rare. Bowls are 7 1/2 to 9 inches across, depending on shape. Shown here is an ice green ruffled bowl. Bowls can be ruffled, 2-sides up, round or ice cream shaped and square. Rare 9 inch plates are even known. Colors are amethyst, celeste, ice blue, ice green, marigold, red, vaseline and white