Night Stars - Millersburg
In any shape, Night Stars is hard to find and much in demand. Practically all known examples are the two-handled bonbon shown on the left, though there are a few single-handled nappies like that on the right. A common color in Night Stars is a sort of smokey green called olive. Other colors are amethyst, green, marigold and a very rare vaseline.
Stippled Diamonds - Millersburg
A rare pattern, even for Millersburg. Only a handful are known in this nappy shape in amethyst, marigold, green, and vaseline.
Tracery - Millersburg
One of Millersburg's less often seen patterns, Tracery has an interior-only design of floral elements connected by beaded traces. Known only in amethyst and green bonbons, sometimes oval like the one shown here; sometimes square.