Contemporary Carnival Glass Lamps and Shades

Grape and Cable, Wetzel - While these are contemporary electric lamps, made from Wetzel's own mold in the 1970s or early 1980s, they're more rare than either the Grape and Cable candlesticks or the candlelamps. They're about 14 inches tall. They were made in blue, green, ice blue, marigold and purple slag glass. The Wetzel mark is inside the base.

Hobnail, Imperial - These 12-inch tall oil lamps are found in amber (shown), marigold, and smoke.

Poppy, Fenton for Levay - Fenton made these Electric Blue lamps for Levay in 1980. It's a Gone With The Wind style lamp, 18 inches tall.

Poppy, Fenton for Levay - These are Fenton's 9101 pattern. Collector's refer to them as Poppy or Poppy Show lamps. They're 24 inches tall and were made in various uniridized colors during the early 1990s and later in a variety of iridized colors including purple and red.

Presnick Lamp, Fenton - One of the grandchildren of Rose Presznick had Fenton make these red lamps in honor of her in 1984. There were 184 produced.

Rose Lamp, Fenton - Initially, the rose lamp was made by Fenton exclusively for Whitehouse Antiques. It may have been made subsequent to that.

Rose Lamp, Fenton -

Quilted Diamond, Fenton for Levay - This red lamp is a relatively small lamp.

Zipper Loop reissue, Imperial - The new lamps were made from the same molds that the classic era ones were. The new examples, found in marigold and smoke, have an IG mark on the inside of the base, part way up. The mark is sometimes hard to find or could be removed.

Regal Iris - This Gone-with-the-Wind style lamp is found in aqua opal and red.

Rabbit and Owl Shades - These two shades are hollow glass with an opening on the bottom. The bottom is ground. Meant to be placed over a candle or bulb. Available in several colors. The rabbit is signed Levay on the ground bottom.