Morning Glory - Imperial
Morning Glory is found in three base sizes. The photo, above to the left, shows two funeral vases in the back row, two mid-size vases on the left and on the right and two miniature vases in the center. A spectacular Morning Glory funeral vase in the rare blue is pictured to the right.

The smallest or miniature vase has six ribs and a base size of 2 1/2 inches. These small Morning Glory vases have a significant range in height. Some are barely swung to any height while others are swung to a significant height for such a small vase. Thus, these miniature Morning Glory vases range in height from about 3 to 8 inches tall.

A similar Imperial vase Thin Rib and Drape is sometimes mistaken for the miniature Morning Glory but the drapes between the ribs clearly show that it is a separate pattern. These miniature vases are found in amber, clambroth, green, lavender, lime green, marigold, olive, purple, smoke, vaseline and white.

The mid-size, with eight ribs, has a base size of about 4 inches. These are usually seen in the jack-in-the-pulpit shape although a straight vase is also found. The mid-size Morning Glory vase is found in a more limited range of colors including amethyst, lavender, marigold and purple. Marigold is the most predominant color. Straight up mid-size vases range from 9 to 14 inches in height while the JIP mid-size vases are typically about 9 to 12 inches tall.

A similar Imperial vase pattern, Curled Rib, is also found in both jack-in-the-pulpit and straight shapes, but the top ribs are swirled. Curled Rib vases are a unique pattern as early Imperial catalogs show the vase with a unique mold number.

The Morning Glory funeral size also has eight ribs, but a base size of 5 inches or a little under. There are two versions of the funeral vase, one has a rayed star in the base and the other has what people describe as "snowflakes" in the base circling a pointed star. Old imperial catalogs show these two as being separate mold numbers. Funeral vases are found in amber, blue, green or Helios, lavender, marigold, olive, teal and smoke. Funeral size Morning Glory vases can range in height from 12 to 19 inches tall.

The vases that we refer to as Morning Glory vases are shown in early Imperial catalogs under four different mold numbers. Miniature Morning Glory vases are mold #368. The catalogs show these smaller vases in various heights. The shorter vases were called "Sweat Pea" vases. The Mid-size Morning Glory vases are mold #284. The funeral size Morning Glory vases are mold #405 if it has the snowflake design in the base or mold #198 if it has the rayed star base.