Memphis - Northwood
Memphis is one of only a few of Northwood's true geometric designs and is distinguished by its panels of raised square hobs between vertically elongated hobstars. Memphis is heavy glass and the sawteeth along the top rim of the bowls are large. It is found in fruit sets, punch sets, and berry bowl sets. Both the punch tops and the fruit tops are typically ruffled, but on a rare occasion, a round and flared version is found such as the one shown above to the right.

Above left is an ice green fruit set in which the base of the bowl (with a larger collar base) fits over the top of the stand. With the amethyst punch set, center, the collar base of the bowl fits into the top of the stand. Stands are identical for both.

Fruit sets are found predominantly in amethyst and marigold. Blue, green, ice blue, ice green, marigold and white would be much harder to find.

Punch sets are also found in amethyst, green, marigold and white. Punch sets in ice blue and ice green would be much rarer. Punch cups are found in all the colors mentioned above as well as in lime green.

The large and small berry bowls, found mostly in marigold, are actually scarcer than either the fruit or punch sets in that color. The large berry bowls are about 10 to 11 inches across while the small berry bowls are only four to five inches across. As all pieces of Memphis, they lack an interior pattern. The large bowls are the same size as the Fruit Bowl top but the base does not have the indentation needed to sit atop a base.

Fake Memphis butter dishes have appeared on eBay. Usually listed as black amethyst.

The easiest way to tell the difference between punch bowls, fruit bowls and large berry bowls is to look at their collar bases. To the left is the base of the fruit bowl. It is an eight sided collar base that is 5 1/4 inch from one side to another. There is a circular indentation around the outer edge. The top of the stand fits into this indentation. A rayed star is found inside this indentation. The center photo shows the base of a large berry bowl. It is also eight sided and 5 1/4 inches across. There is no indentation. There is a large rayed star the fills the space. The photo to the right shows the round collar base of the punch bowl. It is just 3 1/4 inches across as it fits inside the top of the stand. There is a rayed star here also.