Lotus and Grape - Fenton
This is another of Fenton's paneled designs. The name is very appropriate as there are lotus blossoms and bunches of grapes repeated in a design around the pattern.

Note in the two photos below that there is a difference in the plate/bowl compared to the bonbon. On the plate, the lotus flowers and grape clusters are separated by aleaf that hangs down from the rim. On the Bonbon, the lotus flowers are outlined with a lace pattern and there is not leaf.

Plates in any color are highly prized. Bonbons are found in a wide variety of colors.
This marigold rosebowl whimsey is very rare. This is an ice cream-shaped bowl in the rare Persian blue.
This curious ruffled bowl has no mold work for the grape part of the pattern. Instead, enameled flowers decorate that portion of the bowl. The glass is blue and the piece sold at a 1993 auction where it was listed as one of two known. Here is another example of an "Absentee Lotus & Grape" as it is missing the grape portion of the pattern. Unlike the photo to the left, this one has no enameled decoration in the blank space.
In 2005, Mike Mings sent in this photo of a 7-inch Lotus and Grape bowl he owns. It's marigold with a slight green tint to the base glass. What makes it unusual is the jack-in-the pulpit-shape.

The photo to the right shows a 7-inch ruffled bowl in celeste blue. Photo courtesy of Gaynor and Frank in Australia.