Lightning Flower - Northwood
Lightning Flower is a Northwood pattern found exclusively on the exterior of single handled nappies and, on a rare occasion, ruffled bowls. Both the ruffled bowl and the nappy are only found in Marigold. Named for the flower with a stem shaped like a cartoon lightning bolt. Leaves and flowers, some with these lightning bolts, wrap around the exterior. Horizontal ribs are found around the top of the exterior. On the single handled nappies, the interior has a pansy pattern and the handle resembles a branch. The ruffled bowls have a plain interior with a center button with the Northwood mark. This tells us that Lightning Flower is a Northwood Glass pattern.
To the left is the Northwood mark on the inside of the ruffled bowl. The ruffled bowl was probably a piece that Northwood rushed into production at the onset of carnival glass. But due to the lack of an interior pattern, it was found to be unappealing. But they also used it as the exterior of a single handled nappy with an interior pansy pattern. These nappies are more available than the bowls but are still considered scarce.
Lightening Flower Nappy compared to the Imperial Pansy Nappy.
Above is the Lightning Flower nappy exterior and to the right is Imperial's Pansy nappy exterior. When we look at the single handed nappy, we are tempted to believe that the pansy interior and branch handle make it an Imperial product. Imperial did make a single handled nappy in their Pansy pattern but it has this quilted pattern on the exterior.
Above to the left is the interior of a Lightening Flower Nappy and on the right is the interior of a Pansy Nappy. Notice that while alike, the pansy patterns are different. Whether the Northwood or Imperial Pansy nappy came first is unknown. Both Northwood Pansy and Imperial Pansy nappies are unique patterns.

On the Lightening Flower nappy, Northwood Pansy is the primary pattern and Lightening Flower is a secondary or exterior pattern. Lightning Flower is a primary pattern on the ruffled bowls as the interior is unpatterned.