Leaf and Beads - Northwood
The rosebowl, like that above left, is the most frequently seen shape in the pattern, but there are several other shapes including nut bowls (above right), tricorner candy dishes, and a dome-footed nut bowl. The above nut bowl is aqua opal, rare in this shape, but a very common color in rosebowls. Most rosebowls have the scalloped top as shown here, but a few have a smooth edge or a beaded edge--which may be more desirable. In addition, the regular rosebowls and nut bowls may have a plain interior, rayed interior, or a floral (sunflower) interior.
These ice blue and ice green rosebowls (with plain interior) are rare colors in Leaf and Beads. They sold at the 2003 International Carnival Glass Association auction. Photos courtesy of Seeck Auctions.
Candy dishes, as shown in the left photo, are usually tricorner like the piece on the left and are sometimes referred to simply as bowls. On the right is a nut bowl made from an entirely different mold and is referred to as the Leaf and Beads Variant. While quite scarce, these don't bring the price that the regular nut bowls do.

The photo on the right shows a variant top to the Leaf and Beads rosebowl.

Lovely - Northwood
Lovely is the interior pattern on these rare 8-inch bowls: The exterior is Northwood's Leaf and Beads. The two bowls shown here pretty much represent the spectrum of shapes and colors; a green flared bowl on the left, and a purple tricorner bowl on the right.