Lattice and Points (Vining Twigs) - Dugan
This pattern, with the rather large lattice around the trunk is called Lattice and Points. It's still sometimes called Vining Twigs, one of the two names given it by Marion Hartung. All pieces, including plates and bowls, seem to have been made from the same mold. In addition to the lattice, there are fine grass-type shapes around the base area. Some pieces have a daisy on the inside bottom (as demonstrated in the photo to the right), others do not. Heights of the vases range up to 9 inches. The hats can be found almost low enough to be called bowls, or tall enough so that some may be considered vases. Vases, hats and pieces low enough to be called bowls are fairly common, but if it's an unruffled plate such as the marigold plate pictured here, it is more difficult to find.

The pieces shown here are a blue vase, an amethyst hat, a white ruffled bowl and a marigold plate. Other colors include lavender and peach opal. All the pieces shown above have the interior daisy pattern except the hat which has a plain interior.