Smooth Rays - Imperial
Carnival glass collectors have given the Imprerial's Smooth Rays pattern name to a variety of shapes. These shapes are represented in Imperial's old catalog in several mold numbers. These shapes include eight sided bowls and plates from the same mold, sherbets, custard cups, stems, sundae sets made up of a large collar based round flared bowl with six sherts, and salad sets made up of a 10 inch flat based bowl sitting on a 12 inch plate accompanied by six 8 inch plates. Water Pitchers and tumblers are also said to be known.
Found in plates in clambroth, marigold and smoke and bowls in marigold and purple. Imperial's Smooth Rays pattern has a clear unpatterned circle in the center of the pieces, possibly to allow the pattern in the marie to be seen from the front.

Above is a smoke plate. The purple ruffled bowl is 8 inches across.

The exterior are plain except for a geometric or star pattern in the marie. The plates show an eight sided piece more so than do the ruffled bowls

The marigold and clambroth plates to the left show these two different patterns in the base.

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The Imperial catalog page to the left shows a M399/1 stemmed sherbert in the upper right hand corner and a M755/1 custard cup to the left in the center row. The Imperial catalog page to the right shows seven sizes of stemware with a Smooth Rays pattern. They are all listed as M442/1. From left to right they are: 1 oz. cordial, 2 oz. wine, 3 oz. wine, 4 oz. claret, 6 oz. champagne, 9 oz. goblet and 10 oz. goblet.
The Imperial catalog page to the left shows a seven piece sundae set consisting of one 3457B 9 inch bowl and six 499/1B sherbets. The catalog page to the right shows four bowls, all from the same mold, just shaped differently. The mold is 3897. Notice the eight scallops around the top rim. When flattened, this mold would have also made the eight sided plates above.

The Imperial catalog page above shows an eight piece salad set consisting of one 10 inch bowl sitting on a 12 inch underplate and six 8 inch plates. The underplate is mold xxx, the bowl is mold xxx and the salad plates are mold 805D.