Flute #393 - Imperial
Imperial produced three seperate flute pattern lines, #393, #672 and #700, calling them Colonial pattern lines. Shown above are three punch sets from the Flute #393 line. Punch sets, as well as a few other large bowls have a "9" listed after the pattern number--#3939. Punch sets are only found in the green and marigold shown here.

The green set has a ruffled top and a round base. The marigold set in the center has a ruffled top and a ruffled base. The marigold set on the right has a round top and a round bottom. To date, this is the only round top punch bowl known.

Pictured above to the left is a berry set (minus one berry bowl). These bowls have a sawtooth edge just as the punch bowls do, although it is less pronounced. The exterior also have a fainter flute pattern than the punch bowls but it is there. While mostly found in marigold, berry set can also be found in green or smoke and even an extremely rare blue.

This pitcher, on the right, is part of the #393 line. It would have come with six #393 tumblers to form a water set. Water sets are only known in marigold. Thanks to Burns Auction Services for this photo.

Sometimes auctioneers will list a marigold Imperial Flute wine. It is most likely also part of the 393 line. To the right is a picture out of Imperial's 1909 catalog showing a 393 1/2 cordial, as well as, a photo of an actual cordial. These cordials have only been found in marigold. Thanks to Hooked on Carnival for the cordial photo. The 1/2 after the mould number means that the glass is not fine crystal glass but economy glass used by Imperial.