Honeycomb and Clover - Fenton
Honeycomb and Clover is a pattern of honeycomb which covers the entire exterior. Across the center of each piece is a band of clover leaves, blossoms and buds.

Above are a creamer and spooner in marigold that were purchased on EBay in October 2020. In 2007, Ellis Hudson sent Dave Doty this photo of a marigold Honeycomb and Clover butter dish. Thus three of the four table set pieces are known in Fenton's Honeycomb and Clover. The missing fourth piece would be a covered sugar. The few table set pieces are only known in marigold.

Another spooner sold at a 2012 auction and was noted as the only one the auctioneer had heard of. While photos of spooners can be found, no photos of a creamer were known until the one above.

Honeycomb and Clover is also seen on the exterior of bonbons, bowls, and plates in which the interior is plain. It is also used as the exterior pattern for Fenton's Feathered Serpent and Pebbles patterns. Bonbons are the most frequently found shape and are found in amethyst, green, lime green and marigold.

Pictured above are a green bon-bon with a plain interior, a nine inch amber ice cream shaped bowl with a Pebbles interior and a nine inch amethyst ruffled bowl with a Feathered Serpent interior.

A photo of a marigold tumbler is known.

The Honeycomb and Clover bonbon and spooner, both pictured above, are thought to be made from the same mold. The bonbon is the spooner stretched out and pulled down. Both pieces have a 2 1/2 inch base with a 24 rayed star in it. A close examination of the exterior shows the same honeycomb and clover placement. The bonbon picture here has a Pebble interior while the spooner has no pattern on the interior. The top edge of the spooner is both scalloped and sawtooth while the top edge of the bonbon is quite smooth. So it appears that the part of the mold used to make the exterior was interchangeable, the interior mold and the ring cap were unique to each piece.
The Honeycomb and Clover 6 3/8 inch plate pictured above is indeed rare. It was sold by Burns Auction Servicees in May of 2022.