Holly - Millersburg
At one time, collectors referred to this pattern as Holly Whirl (upper left) or Holly Sprig (upper right). As both patterns are the same, given differences in size and variations in the center, many collectors now refer to it simply as Holly. The large bowls have the leaves covering the center, the Near Cut Wreath exterior, and a sawtooth edge. Some are known with variant centers such as this 8-inch Holly Whirl bowl (lower left) with the 8-point star center and this 6½ inch sauce (lower right) in Holly Sprig with the feather center.

They usually have six ruffles although ice cream shapes have been reported. Smaller examples have the wide panel exterior. The bonbons or card trays are probably the most frequently seen shape. Compotes and rosebowls are very rare.

Nappies and 7 to 8-inch bowls are also common. Nappies are usually ruffled although some are round or have a three-in-one edge, or they may be tricorner. High crimped bowls as shown above are less common. The smaller sauces are not especially common.
The marigold compote above to the left is courtesy of Jerry Smith. It sold on eBay in 2006.