Hobstar - Imperial
Hobstar, sometimes referred to as Carnival Hobstar or Imperial Hobstar, has a large hobstar inside connected oval bands. There are fan-type elements above and below where the ovals overlap. Table sets (and pieces) and the cookie or cracker jar are the most frequently seen pieces. Table sets are known in green, marigold and purple. The cookie jar is known only in marigold. A pickle caster is known in marigold. Some may feel that the pickle caster is just the bottom of the cookie jar but it is a unique size.

The cracker jars have been reissued--and should have the IG logo.

Below is a small berry bowl and a full berry set. To the right is a large ruffled bowl sitting on a Fashion punch base. This configuration is seen in a Butler Brother catalog ad in crystal glass. No punch or custard cups exist in Hobstar.