Hobnail - Millersburg
Millersburg's Hobnail is found in pitchers, tumblers, table sets, rosebowls, and spittoons. Pitchers and tumblers are quite rare--only a few of each have sold in the last 10 years. Table set pieces, which are known in amethyst, blue, green and marigold, come on the market very rarely. On the other hand, the rosebowls and spittoons show up at auction with some regularity--perhaps 4 to 6 each per year. Millersburg also made a pattern, Swirled Hobnail, that has the same hobnails but swirling lines in the background. Vases in the hobnail pattern were not made by Millersburg although they are sometimes credited to them but they are probably Fenton's rustic vases.
The first two photos on the left show a rosebowl and a spittoon in the Millersburg Hobnail pattern. The two photos to the right show first a rare Hobnail jardiniere, usually credited to Millersburg. However, it was made from Fenton's midsize variant Rustic vase mold becasue it has an extra hob in each flame at the top. The second jardiniere is felt to have been made from a Millersburg water pitcher without the handle.