Herringbone and Beaded Ovals - Imperial
Quite a rare pattern. This pattern is Imperial's No. 54 and is also known as Paneled Herringbone. Although many shapes are pictured in the 1909 Imperial catalog, it is only known in carnival glass in a marigold compote. The compote stands about 5 inches tall. is 6 inches wide, and has a base that is about 2 7/8" across. The top edge is ruffled and smooth.
Honeycomb - Imperial
This pattern was made by Imperial and only known in a compote. The compote measures approximately 5 3/4 inches wide and is about 4 3/4 inches tall. The top edge treatment is ruffled. It has a smooth top edge and the interior is plain. The stem is six sided. It is currently only known in marigold.
Old Dominion - Imperial
Only found in marigold, this compote is made by Imperial. The interior of the bowl is ribbed and the eight sided stem has a bulge towards the top. The compote is about 5 1/4 inches tall and about 5 inches across the top.