Heavy Web - Dugan
A large, curious pattern with a web or drapery design on the interior. Only known in peach opal. The 8-ruffled bowl shown here on the left is one of two known in that shape--most are flared. There are only a few known chop plates flattened from the pieces used to make the bowls.

The photo on the right shows a squared shaped bowl. Courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Also found in a banana dish.

The pieces are large in size (about 11 inches across for the average bowl). The bases of all pieces are factory ground as there is no collar marie for a worker to grip while spraying on the iridescence. Thus a rod was attached to the base allowing the piece to be spun while sprayed. When done spraying, the worker would break off the rod. Where the rod was attached, there would be rough glass that would have had to been ground smooth.

Two exterior patterns exist. Grape Clusters and Morning Glory. Both are intaglio in that these exterior patterns are in the glass and not raised off the surface of the glass.

A rare pattern in any shape and with any exterior.

Above on the left is a very unusual piece in the Heavy Web pattern, a handled basket made from a ruffled banana dish. Courtesy of Larry Yung, Sr. Looking through this photo, you can see the exterior pattern Grape Clusters.

The photo on the right shows a chop plate with an inset photo of its Morning Glory exterior pattern. The chop plate is 12 1/4 inches across at the widest part and is 1 3/4 inches tall.