Heavy Grape - Imperial
Imperial's Heavy Grape pattern is distinguished by a quilted diamond effect around the edge and has a simple fluted back. Shown above left are a chop plate and an eight-inch plate--both highly desirable. Heavy Grapes many shapes include 5-6 inch small bowls, 7-8 inch bowls, 9-10 inch bowls, single handled Nappy, rare 6 inch plate in marigold, 7-8 inch plates, 10-11 inch chop plates. The eight-inch plate is seen more frequently than any other shape.

At the right is a small bowl in blue--a rare color for Imperial. Note that this is also the rare variant without the quilting. These bowls and plates are also found in clambroth, green, Helios, lavender, lime green, marigold, purple, smoke, teal, and white.

Dugan made a pattern also called Heavy Grape that has a leaf in the center and does not have the quilting effect.

Lenox/Imperial, Fenton and Smith have reproduced this pattern.

Punch sets are hard to find. They come in green, Helios and marigold. Even the punch cups are rare. Below is a single handled nappy. Small sauces are also known.