Dugan patterns where the only shape is the water set.
Harvest Flower - Dugan
Harvest Flower has a design theme of wheat with a rustic band around the middle and a flower over that. While the tumblers are difficult to find, pitchers and complete water sets are very rare. The pitcher is tall and would be called a tankard.

The water set is primarily found in marigold. However, the Harvest Flower tumbler is occasionally found in a rare purple or in a lime green with a marigold overlay.

Harvest Flower has been reproduced in an iced tea sized tumbler and full water sets.

Quill - Dugan
Named for the quill shaped designs around these pieces. A few water sets are known, but the tumbler comes up for sale on occasion.

Only in amethyst or marigold.

Rambler Rose - Dugan
A nice overall pattern without being too busy. Pitchers have a sort of diamond-block band around the neck and are particularly hard to find. Colors are amethyst, blue and marigold.

LG Wright reproduced these watersets.

Vineyard - Dugan
Dugan's contribution to the grape theme on water sets has the grapes against a tree bark or rustic texture and is easy to spot for that reason.

Comes in a limited range of colors of marigold, purple and a rare peach opal.