Hanging Cherries - Millersburg
This pattern is sometimes called Millersburg Cherries. The cherries "hang" into the middle of bowls and plates, toward the bottom in other shapes. Above left is a green 8-inch plate, the only one known in this color. Second to the left is a blue three-in-one sauce, a rare color for Millersburg though these sauces are not too hard to find.

Hanging Cherries is also found with a hobnail pattern on the reverse. While the front pattern is the same as regular Hanging Cherries, this rare version has a hobnail design on the back (visible through the front in this photo to the right). Shown is a 10-inch bowl in marigold.

Hanging Cherries is also found in both a water pitcher and a milk pitcher (about 7 inches to top of spout). There are two versions of the milk pitcher. On the left is the one you'll more likely see; there are only two known in the version in which the sides drop straight down. Tumblers are also found in a variant, like the one on the left with the flared top, and are known in amethyst, green, and marigold. Some tumblers have bases ground when they were made.

There are only two known Millersburg's Hanging Cherries milk pitchers in blue. One is shown on the far right.

Table sets consist of four pieces; a creamer, a two-handled spooner, a covered butter dish, and a covered sugar bowl. Fenton has reproduced creamers and sugars in amethyst and red.

Compotes are usually round or flared, but there are a few square examples as shown here.

The Hanging Cherries powder jar is rarely seen.