These Millersburg patterns are only found in these very desirable water sets.
Gay Nineties - Millersburg
The rare Gay Nineties pattern has vertical panels with shell designs. There are a handful of pitchers; three in amethyst and two in green. Tumblers are considered to be in the top 10 or 15 tumbler rarities. Tumblers are also known in marigold.
Marilyn - Millersburg
Found only in water set pieces, the pattern was named for Marilyn Gaida, an early carnival glass collector. Most easily remembered by the large hobstars and vertical rows of diamond shapes in between. Found in amethyst, green and marigold.
Morning Glory - Millersburg
An extremely rare pattern known only in pitchers and tumblers. The pitcher is a very tall, tankard-style with a morning glory around the middle. About 10 are known in approximately equal quantities of amethyst, green, and marigold. High prices, for both the tankards and the tumblers, reflect both the scarcity and the desirability of these pieces.
Perfection - Millersburg
A highly prized pattern, distinguised by the beaded ovals with leaf shapes dangling beneath them. Perfection pitchers are found with both ruffled and flared tops. With this pattern amethyst is quite dark and often described as purple--it is seen more often than either marigold or green. A scarce pattern.