Frosted Block - Imperial
A unique carnival glass pattern of squares formed by vertical and horizontal rows of beads. The pieces have a sawtooth top edge. Made in the late time frame of the classic era into the depression era of carnival glass. In fact, this pattern is found more often in depression glass colors of light green, blue, amber and crystal. The pattern is often called "Beaded Block." In carnival glass, pieces are known only in marigold, clambroth, white, and an occasional smoke.

Rosebowls, the most widely seen shape, are found in two sizes; the larger with about a 5-inch opening and the smaller with about a 4 1/2 inch opening and 52 sawteeth around the top edge. The milk pitchers are quite rare. To the right is a stemmed creamer and sugar making up a breakfast set in clambroth.

Some pieces, which were apparently made for export, have the phrase "MADE IN USA" molded in, typically on the exterior just above the collar base.

Square plates are rare but are found in marigold and smoke. They measure 7 1/2 inches from side to side and 9 inches from corner to corner and thus can be reported as both 7 and 9 inch plates which causes confusion. Pictured to the right is a 9 inch round plate in a very light clambroth. Round 7-inch plates are also reported in marigold and smoke.

4 3/4 inch tall compotes are found in this clambroth and rare 6 1/4 inch vases are known in smoke or marigold.

The third photo show three shapes. The oval relish dish, in marigold, is 8 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide. The oval two handled relish dish, in marigold, is 7 3/4 inches long including the handles and 6 1/4 inch without the handles. The two handled bonbon, in clambroth, is 6 1/4 inches across including the handles and 4 7/8 inches across without the handles.

Pictured below are a 7 inch round flared bowl and an 8 inch square bowl (4 sides up). Other shapes include 8 inch ruffled bowl and a nut bowl.