Four Seventy Four - Imperial
Four Seventy Four is an Imperial pattern that combines a typical cut-style with an almost realistic daisy. The name comes from the numerical mold designation in Imperial catalogs.

This pattern is found in water sets in green, marigold and purple; a mid-size pitcher in marigold and purple and a milk pitcher in green, helios, lavender, marigold, olive and purple. These three pitchers are 9 7/8 inches, 8 3/4 inches and 7 3/8 inches tall to the highest point of the ice lip. Tumblers are found in additional colors of aqua, blue and lime green. Imperial is known to make tumblers in various sizes, but for Four Seventy Four, they seemed to have only made the one standard size.

The pattern was not made in bowls or plates.

Another common shape is the punch set. Punch sets are easily found in marigold but very scarce in green or purple.

Above, left, is one of only a few known punch sets in purple. They have been found, only rarely, in a this beautiful emerald green as shown directly above.

Punch or custard cups are also found in aqua, olive and smoke.

Vases are very rare in Four Seventy Four. There are three different sizes; 8-inch, 10-inch and 12 1/2-inch as shown in the photo to the left. Ten inch vases are probably found most often followed by the 8 inch vase, but even so, these vases seldom come to auction. The 12 inch vase is extremely rare with no auction listing for any 12 inch vase except the green mentioned below. But a 12 inch mold did exist and is now in the possession of Mosser Glass. The Texas club had Mosser make this yellow 12 inch tall 474 vase as its 2019 convention souvenir. About 50 of these vases were handed out to that year's banquet attendees and another 20 whimsied versions were auctioned off. This contemporary vase, while made by Mosser Glass, is marked with Imperial Glass' IG in three different places.

This green 12 1/2 inch example may be the only classic era one in this color or any other color for that matter. It sold at the 2012 International Carnival Glass Association convention auction for $21,000.

Four Seventy Four is found in several stemmed pieces including a goblet, a wine, a cordial and a sherbert. These are only found in marigold. The goblet is 6 1/2 inches tall with a 3 inch 8 sided base. The wine is 4 1/8 inches tall with a 1 3/4 inch 8 sided base. The cordial is 3 inches tall with a 1 1/4 inch 8 sided base.

Four Seventy Four compotes are quite rare. The purple one shown in the center is an old classic era compote as it has an eight sided base. Imperial's reproductions of this compote have round bases as shown on the far right in this smoke example. The reproductions also have a peacock tail pattern on the interior while old compotes have a plain interior.

Note that the water set has also been reproduced.