Four Flowers - Dugan
The pattern has four large flowers separated by overlapping crescent shapes. The pattern comes in several shapes made from a large and small mould. Ruffled bowls, chops plates, small plates and ice cream shaped large and small bowls are available. The large and small bowls have either a plain back or the Crosshatched Basketweave pattern on the back as shown in the photo to the above right.

Left above is a spectacular large ruffled Four Flowers bowl in purple with blue iridescence. In the center, is a typical small plate (about 6 inches) in peach opal. These are the most frequently seen shapes in the pattern. Found in peach opal and purple.

The photos to the right show two other shapes found in Four Flowers First is a bowl in a rosebowl shape. The second is a ten ruffled bowl.

The exterior of these two bowls have the Soda Gold pattern; a similar pattern found as a background on Dugan's Maple Leaf.

These bowls with a Soda Gold exterior are found only in marigold.

Above are two photos of two sets of Four Flowers. On the left is a cake set consisting of one chop plate and six small plates. On the right is an ice cream set consisting of a large ice cream bowl and six individual ice creams. Four Flowers was advertised in Butler Brothers catalogs as coming in these two sets.