These three Millersburg patterns all have the same six inch tall compote with a scalloped foot. Millersburg used the same mold for each and just used a different plunger to create three unique interiors.
Acorn - Millersburg
Only a handful of examples are known of this compote, found in amethyst, green, marigold, and vaseline. All would be considered scarce. These compotes have a six scalloped base and a fluted exterior. On the interior, leaves and acorns on twigs alernate around the piece.
Flute - Millersburg
While the two shapes known in this pattern, the vase and compote, seem quite different, they are in fact both referred to as Flute. The vases have a 4-inch base with a multirayed star. The compote has the scalloped foot, 12 panels around the exterior and a ruffled top. But it has a plain interior.

These two were photographed while in separate collections. Both shapes are very rare.

Wild Flower - Millersburg
Another rare Millersburg pattern found only in the 6-inch jelly compote shown here. Some are cupped, some flared. Colors found are typical Millersburg; amethyst, green, marigold and a rare vaseline.