Fleur de Lis - Millersburg
Named for the four fleur de lis shapes around the edge, the pattern is found in both collar base and a dome foot with sawtooth edge. The exterior pattern is Country Kitchen. Bowls are found in ice cream shape, ruffled, crimped, three-in-one, and tricorner. The bowl on the left is ice cream shape in amethyst; on the right a slightly oblong crimped bowl in amethyst. Colors are typical Millersburg of amethyst, green, marigold and a very rare vaseline.
There are two known Fleur de Lis rosebowls that have dome feet. The one shown upper left is in amethyst. The collar-based rosebowl center also is in amethyst.

At the left is the only known Fleur de Lis compote in green. Photo courtesy of Tom and Sharon Mordini.