Fishscale and Beads - Dugan
The pattern gets its name from the fishscale effect on the front while the back has short flutes surrounding the base and a garland of beads along the outer edge; which can be seen in the back photo on the right. Note also the sawtooth edge. Sometimes identified simply as Fishscales, or misidentified as Scales, a similar Westmoreland pattern.

Peach opal is rare in Fishscale and Beads bowls and very rare in the plates. Amethyst/purple is scarce. Marigold and white are almost certainly Fishscale and Beads.

Fishscale and Beads is often mistaken for Honeycomb and Beads. Fishscale and Beads has the interior pattern extending almost to the center while Honeycomb and Beads will have a large circle in the center that has no pattern. Crimped pieces will be Honeycomb and Beads.

Honeycomb and Beads - Dugan
Easily confused with Fishscale and Beads or Westmoreland's Scales. This pattern is characterized by a subtle honeycomb pattern on the front. The back pattern is called Flowers and Beads, which is similar but different to the back pattern of Fishscale and Beads items. Note that this one has a smooth edge while Fishscale and Beads has a sawtooth edge. Honeycomb and Beads also has a large clear unpatterned circle in the center of each piece.

This pattern comes in small 6 to 7 inch bowls with ruffled, crimped or 2-sides up edges. It also comes in small plates with a crimped edge. Colors include amethyst and peach opal. Above are a crimped plate and a ruffled and crimped bowl. Both are in purple.

Flowers and Beads (Beads and Flowers) - Dugan
While Flowers and Beads is found as the exterior pattern on Dugan's Honeycomb and Beads, it is also known as a pattern on its own with a plain front as shown above. Known in peach opal and purple only.

A similar pattern, Beads, which has the beads and the stippling, but with short panels around the collar instead of the flowers, is used as the back pattern for Fishscale and Beads pieces and is shown in the top photo.