Footed Fine Rib - Fenton and Northwood
Both Fenton and Northwood made similar versions of the Footed Fine Rib, each shaping the top differently. At one point, the jack-in-the-pulpit version was the only one known, so the pattern became known by that name. A variety of top shapes are now known, so the correct name for both the Fenton and the Northwood versions is Footed Fine Rib.

But there are differences in the Fenton and Northwood pieces to make it easy to tell them apart. First, the Fenton version has a ring around the stem just above the base that the Northwood version lacks. Second, the Fenton version's top edge is smooth while the top edge on the Northwood pieces are scalloped. The pieces on the left are Fentons and the pieces on the right are Northwoods.

The Fenton Footed Fine Rib can be found with several different shapes to the top. Shown above are the two more common tops; JIP and ruffled tops. A round flared top and a 2-sides up, both in marigold, are shown below. Fenton colors include marigold, blue, powder blue and lime green.

The Northwood Footed Fine Rib is typically found in the JIP shape although a tri-corner top vase in green is shown below. Colors include green, marigold and amethyst as shown above.