Field Thistle - US Glass
Although made in crystal in a wide range of shapes, iridized pieces of Field Thistle are quite scarce. The design is characterized by a largish flower with stems and thistles swirling up from the base to either side of the flower. Compotes are fairly large and massive--about 7 inches tall. On the right is a 9-inch plate in marigold. It has great iridescence.

The rare vase whimsies are found in two base sizes; 2 3/4 inches (and pulled up from the spooner), and 3 3/4 inches. In November of 2013, Greg Dilian sent in this photo of his Field Thistle vase in celeste blue. It is 12 inches tall and has a 3 3/4 inch base. Never heard of a Field Thistle vase in anything but marigold.

The photos to the right show a celeste creamer, small bowl in white sent in by Gregory Ferguson in 2013 and a small celeste bowl. The color white is previously unknown in the pattern.