Fentonia, Fentonia Fruits - Fenton
Fentonia, shown in the tumbler and pitcher above left has an overall lattice design with a scale band pattern filling some diamond shapes and eight small hobnails and a small central medallion filling the alternate diamonds. Fould only in blue and marigold. Found in water sets, table sets and berry sets.

Fentonia Fruits on the right, is much more rare, has the same design but a group of cherries fills the diamonds that have the hobnail/medallions in Fentonia. Fentonia Fruits is also only known in blue and marigold. Few pieces show up for sale but would include tumblers and large and small berry bowls. Fentonia Fruit berry bowls are shown below. A master berry and an individual berry in a round shape and an individual berry in a ruffled shape.