Feathers Vases - Northwood
Not a particularly dramatic vase; only the rare colors, such as ice blue or white, would bring much of a price. Easily found in amethyst, green or marigold and many of these simply have very weak or irregular iridescence.

The pattern is characterized by alternating panels of smooth areas and herringbone-type ribs. The base is 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches, some with a multipoint star. Heights vary between 6 and 11 inches.

Squatty vases, those under 7 inches, may be worth a bit more. Some vases have what Northwood called Alaskan finish; marigold iridescence on the top one-third or so. Vases with Alaskan finish tend to be worth a bit less than those with marigold top to bottom.

Graceful - Northwood
The fine horizontal ribbing around the stem makes this vase unique. As you can see from the photo, there are two slightly differing versions. The one with the narrower stem has a starred base. Neither seems to be in more demand that the other.

Colors found include green, a rare ice blue, marigold, olive, purple and white

Leaf Columns - Northwood
Leaf Columns has a subtle pattern of veined leaves rising in columns and is found in heights ranging from a little under 6 inches to about 12 inches. The base size is 3 1/2 inches.

Colors include, amethyst, blue, green, horehound, ice blue, ice green, lavender, lime green, marigold, sapphire, smoke and white.

Spiral Rib - Northwood
The only example thus far reported. It's in white and about 8 inches tall and has a Northwood mark.

Photo courtesy of Dave Doty.