Fashion - Imperial
Imperial's Fashion looks much like other geometric patterns. This one features a largish hobstar above a fanned out leaf design along with small triangles filled with a file pattern. The shape of the water pitcher is fairly distinctive. Most Fashion pieces can be found in marigold, purple and smoke, with purple the most desirable.

Bowls (about 9 inches) are rather hard to find in Fashion, but still do not bring much of a price--probably because the pattern is on the exterior only.

The smoke punch bowl shown here is more likely a fruit bowl (it seems rather impractical to have a deeply ruffled bowl for punch). Actually, Imperial's 1909 catalog identifies the ruffled bowl with "foot" (as the base was called), as "orange bowl with foot." The "punch bowl with foot" was shown with a round bowl. However, some ads of the day show ruffled bowls as punch bowls as does the ad below. Only a few bowls are round or flared, as are a few bases. Most punch sets are marigold but rare smoke examples can be found. Punch (or custard) cups can also be found in aqua, blue and red but they have to be considered rare.
The rosebowls were made from the bowl mold. Shown are the three colors--marigold, purple, and green--in which they are found. Odd that no table sets appear in the pattern, but breakfast sets--a small creamer and open sugar--do appear. Breakfast sets are found in green or Helios, marigold, purple and smoke.
Compotes (about 7 inches tall) are rare. A smoke example is on the left. Above, to the right, is one of two reported Fashion compotes in marigold. Also shown is this unusual hat whimsied from a smoke tumbler.

Toothpick holders, frequently seen in red, are contemporary.