Dragon and Strawberry - Fenton
Another of Fenton's dual themes, this one combining dragons and strawberries. Found only in bowls; some collar based, others ball-footed and rare plates. There are ruffled, round flared, and ice cream shaped bowls. The design features eight tear-drop shapes emanating from the center. Four of these tear drops are filled with a dragon and four are filled with strawberries. The outer edge of the design is filled with scale and there is a sawtooth edge. These can be found in amethyst, blue, green and marigold. The exterior of these pieces are plain.

At the right is an extremely rare Dragon and Strawberry 9-inch plate in marigold. It is referred to as the Absentee Dragon due to the fact that it does not have the dragon part of the design. There are one or two of these known. This one sold, in 2017, at the American Carnival Glass Association convention for $40,000.