Buzz Saw or Double Star - Cambridge
This pattern, found in a water set and cruets, derives its name from the two types of stars on the trunk of each shape; one large whirling star and a smaller hobstar. Some pieces in this pattern are marked "Nearcut", a Cambridge trade name. Most water sets are green but an occasional marigold or amethyst water set piece turns up now and then. The large cruet is about 5 1/4 inches tall and the small cruet is about 4 inches tall. Both are available only in green and marigold. The stoppers are also iridized and thus it is quite noticeable if an incorrect stopper is being used.

Although both the water set and the cruets appear in one catalog page from Cambridge, carnival glass collectors refer to the pattern on the cruets as Buzz Saw and the pattern on the water set as Double Star.

This pattern appears in an old Cambridge catalog. With the title "No. 2699 Buzz Saw Pattern", the ad features, the water pitcher and tumbler and a cruet along with many other shapes.