Diamond Lace - Imperial
Usually exhibiting spectacular color and iridescence, the purple pitcher or water set is seen quite often at a fair price and can form the basis of an excellent collection. One of the few patterns in which purple is common and marigold rare. No marigold pitchers are known and only a few marigold tumblers exist.

The tumbler above is courtesy of Betty Cloud.

This marigold rosebowl whimsey, made from a tumbler, sold in 1995. The tumbler is the variant, as it has no collar base. The regular version is pictured above.

Because the pattern is only on the exterior of the large and small bowls, they seldom bring much of a price--even though they are relatively scarce. Large green bowls are quite hard to find and bring a better price. Found in purple, marigold, clambroth and green.

There are reissued Diamond Lace bowls and rosebowls in amethyst, blue, and red with IG or Smith markings or they may be unmarked.