Dewberry - Pheonix
While the original moulds for the Dewberry, aka Blackberry, pattern were made by the Co-Operative Flint Glass Co, these "caramel lustre" examples were produced by Phoenix. (Westmoreland and Kemple also made some Dewberry reproductions.) A water pitcher, also in marigold on milk glass is listed in this pattern.

This marigold wine glass in the Dewberry pattern has souvenir lettering. Courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker.

Lacy Dewdrop - Phoenix
Another pattern where the original moulds were made by the Flint Co-Operative Glass Co around the turn of the century. While the pattern was also reproduced by Westmoreland and Kemple, it was Phoenix that reproduced the iridized examples, calling the color "pearl lustre." This compote, shown upside down, and the tumbler, are courtesy of Lee Markley.

Other shapes include covered compotes, two sides up compotes, cake plate or salver, creamer and sugar, butter dish, water sets, bowls, large covered bowls and goblets.