Dahlia - Dugan
With its huge flower dominating the sides of all shapes, it's hard to confuse this with any other pattern. However, it's easy to confuse the old pitchers with the new. The new pitchers were made from the same molds and are often found in amethyst, the most widely seen color in the classic pitchers. Pitchers have also been reproduced in white and other colors. There's no sure-fire way to tell the difference but most people feel that pitchers that are iridized on the bottom are newer reproductions. Tumblers, the only other shape reproduced, are easy to tell; as they have three flowers around rather than four as in the classic version. Berry bowls have a large flower on the base of the interior as well as on the exterior.
The Dahlia table set to the left, includes the four standard pieces; covered butter dish, creamer, sugar and spooner. The table set is in white with gold decoration. Some white pieces of Dahlia also came with blue or red decorations.

To the right, is a Dahlia variant tumbler and a standard tumbler. The variant has smaller flowers than the standard and may have been the first pass at the design. Later, Dugan decided that the flowers needed to be bigger to fill the space better. Variant tumblers are found in amethyst and are quite scarce.

Colors for all Dahlia pieces seem to be limited to amethyst, marigold and white.