Pulled Husk vases - Northwood
Pulled Husk vases are named as such because when the vase comes out of the mold, the "husks" on the sides can be pulled or otherwise shaped before the glass sets. The three vases above each exhibit unique husk shaping. There are about 12 of these vases known. Most are found in amethyst but green vases are also known (see green vase to the right). The heights range from 7 to 8 inches depending on the shaping of the top as some may be cupped in such as the vase in the center above.

Note that the green vase to the right is actually from a different mold than the two amethyst vases shown. There is beading on the outer edge of the base as well as on the band at the neck of the base. There are at least two known green vases.

The amethyst and the green vases below sold at the 2022 New Engalnd convention in 2022.