Coral - Fenton
Coral has two bands of wrapped wreaths similar to those used for Fenton's Little Fishes and Peter Rabbit (below) patterns. This one, though, has leaf-like designs between the bands that apparently reminded someone of coral. The pattern is found only in 9 inch bowls and plates and is rather scarce. Colors found are limited to blue, green and marigold. The exterior of these pieces is plain.
Little Fishes - Fenton
This pattern is similar to another Fenton design, Coral. In this case, however, it is a band of fish that circles between the decorative borders. Most pieces have three ball-shaped feet but some sauces are found with a collar base. There is one reported chop plate in marigold with spectacular iridescence. The exterior of these pieces is plain. This white ice cream shape bowl in the Little Fishes pattern is one of just a few known. Courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker. From the Grace Reinhart collection.

Colors are amethyst, aqua, blue, celeste blue, ice green and marigold.

Peter Rabbit - Fenton
The Peter Rabbit pattern has much the same overall design as Fenton's Coral and Little Fishes, but in this case rabbits are tucked among the trees at the outer edge. Many of these have been found in England, leading to speculation that they were produced basically for export. Although neither is easy to find, plates appear about as often as bowls.

Bowls can be ruffled or ice cream shaped and come in blue, green and marigold. Nine inch plates come in the same three colors. Both bowls and plates come with the Bearded Berry exterior pattern.