Circle Scroll - Dugan
Recognized by its large circular panel with a scroll design inside, Circle Scroll is found in a limited number of shapes, many of which are rare. The most often seen shape is the hat, usually jack-in-the-pulpit, 2 sides up, tricorner, or ruffled. All hats are made from the tumbler. Surprisingly, the tumbler itself is quite scarce. Pitchers are rare. Bowls and berry sets are also quite scarce, but seldom bring much money. The large amethyst bowl is one of the few known. Although table set pieces are known, they rarely come up for sale. Above is an amethyst small bowl from the collection of Larry Keig.
The vases are unusual in that they were made from the tumbler, rather than their own special mold. The base is 2 1/2 inches and they generally fall into the height range of 6 to 9 inches. These purple and marigold vases are shown with a typical ruffled hat. Table sets are also found in Circle Scroll but are extrememly rare.