Chrysanthemum - Imperial
A large flat plate dominated by a large blossom. Sometimes marked with the Nuart logo near the bottom edge of the design around 5 0'clock. The purple example to the left is unsigned while the green example on the right is signed.

On the right is one of the few Chrysanthemum chop plates in green, as shown at the 2005 International Carnival Glass Association convention Rarities seminar.

Signed and unsigned examples can be found in amber, green, marigold, purple, smoke and white.

This piece was reissued by Imperial and others in a variety colors and those items should have the IG mark on the reverse. The old examples have a ribbed back, the new ones a have stippled base with the mark in the center. If the center is smooth, the mark has been ground off.

Homestead - Imperial
With a charming rustic scene of a footbridge leading to a cabin and ducks on the pond, these spectacular chop plates are sometimes signed with a NUART mark in the lower right. The presence of the NUART mark adds substantially to the value. These measure about 10 1/2 inches across.

Colors found include amber, blue, green, lavender, marigold, purple, smoke and white. The iridescence is typically beautiful as can be seen in the photos.

Beware of reproductions of both the Chrysanthemum and Homestead chop plates. Imperial and then Summit made reproductions, in many colors, using the same mold for the fronts of these pieces. Fortunately, the backs of these plates are different in the contemporary versions. If the back isn't ribbed, as the old plates are, it would be a reproduction. Below, to the left, is a photo of the old back pattern on these chop plates. Below, to the right, is the stippled back of the contemporary versions.