Cherry and Cable - Northwood
A rather obvious name for this scarce pattern. There are only a handful of pitchers known and perhaps a couple of water sets. One of the earliest patterns iridized by Northwood.

Can be found in water sets, table sets and berry sets. Marigold is the only classic era color. If found in any other color, the piece would be a reproduction most likely from Mosser Glass.

The water sets include one pitcher and six tumblers. A cable circles the body of the pitcher with bunches of cherries hanging below and leaves above. There are six cherries in each bunch. The pitcher has thumbprint impressions around the bottom while the tumblers do not. The berry bowls only have four cherries in a bunch.
The table set comes with the four standard pieces: covered butter, covered sugar, creamer and spooner. The thumbprints found on the pitchers are also present on the bottoms of the creamer, sugar and spooner. Most table set pieces have six cherries in a bunch but the butter only has four.