Cherries, Paneled Cherries - Dugan
Dugan made its Cherries patterns from several different molds. One, a collar-based mold with the Jeweled Heart reverse, was used to make the large bowls like that above left. These are usually found in ruffled examples but there are a few known in ice cream shape. Most of the ruffled examples have six ruffles, but the one shown here has eight, making it rather rare. A mold with three ball feet, like that above right, was used to make most of the other pieces. These are also found without the interior pattern and are called Paneled Cherries. A separate mold was used to make the sauces and small plates. Colors are limited to marigold, peach opal and purple although very rare pieces are reported in blue and ice blue.

Round collar-based bowls have been reproduced.

Above to the left is a typical small plate with crimped edging. Paneled Cherries bowls, as shown at right, lack the interior pattern, though they are sometimes decorated with painted flowers as shown here (the back pattern can be seen through the front).
The two photos above show a round bowl with the Jeweled Heart exterior.