Cane and Daisy Cut & Cut Flowers Vases - US Glass
Cane and Daisy Cut Vase, shown on the left, is a curious hybrid as most of the pattern is the result of the molding process, but the flowers have been wheel cut. This 10 inch vase is only known in marigold. On this vase the cane pattern is in vertical panels alternating with the cut flowers.

The Cut Flowers vase, shown on the right, is a large cylindrical vase (about 10 inches tall), usually with good color. The flowers are wheel cut while the rest of the detail is formed by the mould. On this vase the cane pattern rings the top. For many years this vase was thought to have been made by Jenkins, but recent research shows that it appears in US Glass catalogs. Only found in marigold.

This basket is quite rare. It appears to be a similar pattern to the Cane and Daisy Cut vase shown above.