Bushel Baskets - Northwood
These baskets must have been very popular during the classic Carnival era as there are so many of them around (they account for more than 1% of all Carnival). The baskets above are the regular round version: on the right is the rarer version with smooth handles where they connect to the bowl. Aqua opal and ice green are common colors in the round versions. These baskets were also produced in a number of colors that were both iridized and not iridized. Iridized versions come in over 20 different colors.

There are 8-sided versions. White is a common color in the 8-sided versions. An 8-sided variant also exists without the ribs on the handle where the handle is part of the basket. The smooth handled versions come in much fewer colors.

Most would think that the round version and the 8-sided versions came from the same mould, but there are differences in the mould work between the two. In the round version there are 39 ribs on the handle while on the 8-sided version there are 41.