The three Northwood patterns below are all exterior patterns and can be found with a plain interior.
Beads - Northwood
These 7 to 9 inch bowls have no interior pattern. The pattern dates from before the Carnival era began. There is no pattern on the front. Although mostly seen in green, they do exist in purple as you can see from this bowl on the right (Photo by King Hoppel).
Blossoms and Palms - Northwood
Blossoms and Palms is found on the reverse of Northwood's Grape Leaves pattern (as in the example shown here) and also without a front pattern. The plain front bowls are known in marigold, green and purple.
Bullseye and Leaves - Northwood
One of Northwood's earliest Carnival patterns. These bowls, with the pattern on the exterior, are not often seen and when found usually are in green with marigold on the plain interior. However, marigold and purple are also known.