Broken Arches - Imperial
An Imperial pattern that is found on the exterior of punch bowls, bases and matching punch cups. The pattern is easy to remember because the arches are divided into small sections much like stones in an arched doorway. Known only in marigold and purple. Most tops are round like the one on the left but a few are ruffled.

The tops come with one of four interiors; either a blank unpatterned interior or with one of three unique interior patterns:

1) Below, top left, has a blank interior

2) Below, top right, has concentric circles that start at the bottom of the bowl and end about half way up. These concentric circles are not stippled.

3) Below, bottom left, has the same unstippled concentric circles but has the addition of vertical ribs starting where the concentric circles end and reaching to the top of the sawtooth rim.

4) Below, bottom right, is the same as the third interior pattern, but every other concentric ring is stippled.

It may have been that the plunger used to impart the interior pattern was redesigned a couple of times to give the interior more detail.