Fenton produced many carnival glass water sets where the water set was the only shape in that pattern. Below are those water sets:
Blackberry Block - Fenton
Found only in water sets with tankard-style pitchers. The pattern consists of berries and leaves wandering over square blocks. In the center is the only known tumbler and pitcher in white. At the right is the only known Blackberry Block pitcher in vaseline.

Typical colors include amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

Blueberry, Fenton
Distinctive pattern of blueberries within curved panels.

Only shape is the water set pictured here. The pitchers are blown molded with an applied handle.

Found mostly in blue. Marigold and white pieces occasionally show up.

Bouquet - Fenton

A delicate design with daisy-like flowers separated by panels that contain hobstars around a bullseye. The tops of the pitchers are usually crimped like the one shown above. Water sets are the only shape. Blue and marigold are the only colors found consistently.

Tumblers may rarely be found in other colors of amber or persian blue.

Butterfly and Fern - Fenton
Another of the numerous Fenton patterns in which only water sets were produced. Colors are amethyst, blue, green, and marigold. A rare vaseline water pitcher has been reported. Most tumblers you see will have a base that has been ground smooth at the factory. Those that were not ground are called the variant.

When first designed, the pitcher lacked the ferns and plumes as can be seen in the pitcher toward the front of the photo to the right. Speculation is that this was an early test version and that Fenton decided it looked too plain--so they added the ferns and plumes. The pitcher behind is the one usually seen. These two were photographed while in the collection of Carl and Ferne Schroeder.

Fluffy Peacock - Fenton
Although the name would suggest that the peacock is a dominant part of the design, it's rather small--especially on the pitcher. A frond of leaves runs the entire height of the pattern, however. Colors are amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

Below is an unusual only known hat in amethyst

Inverted Coin Dot, Fenton
The Inverted Coin Dot pattern has small depressed smooth dots covering the exterior surfaces of the pitchers and tumblers.

Found only in marigold.

Lily of the Valley - Fenton
Another very scare pattern, found only in pitchers and tumblers. There are about a dozen pitchers in blue; the only reported marigold pitcher was destroyed in a California earthquake.

Tumblers are found in blue, green and marigold.

Milady - Fenton
According to the late John Britt, the flowers in this pattern are similar to Bachelor Buttons. Predominantly seen in blue. Amethyst and marigold are scarce. Green tumblers are known, but the only green tankards known are Fenton reissues.
Orange Tree Orchard - Fenton
The Orange Tree Orchard has a pattern of orange trees connected by diagonal scrolled fences--making it easy to confuse with Orange Tree Scroll below. The design, as well as the shape of the pitcher, is quite different than Orange Tree Scroll. These water sets are found in blue, marigold and white.
Orange Tree Scroll - Fenton
The dominant pattern on Orange Tree Scroll is the orange trees circling the center of the tankard. It is named for the scroll pattern around the neck and base. One of several pattens by Fenton that used the orange tree as its basis. Colors are limited to blue and marigold.

Also see Orange Tree.

Scale Band - Fenton
Named for the two bands of scales circling each piece. The Scale Band pattern is found on pitchers and tumblers and used as the back pattern on some Fenton Stippled Rays bowls and plates.

Water set are found in blue and marigold. Tumblers may also be found in aqua and green.

Strawberry Scroll - Fenton
Strawberry Scroll pitchers have a pinched in waist and a scroll design around the chest. The few pitchers available always sell at good prices. Even tumblers are hard to find. The tumbler photo is courtesy of Seeck Auctions. Water sets are found in blue and marigold only. Tumblers may also be found in amethyst.
Zig Zag - Fenton
This is the water pitcher used as the basis of some of Fenton's decorated water sets such as Chrysanthemum and Shasta Daisy. Very few are known.