The Imperial geometric patterns, Blaze, Crabclaw, Diamond Ring, Fancy Flowers and Wheels are often mistaken for each other. But they are unique patterns as shown below.
Blaze - Imperial
Another of Imperial's many geometric patterns, this pattern is only on the back with a plain interior. The pattern has hobstars and fan designs. The hexagonal design in the base is unique. Blaze only comes in bowls found in ruffled and round shapes. Colors found include clambroth, green, marigold and smoke. Purple would be tough to find and a blue bowl would be very rare. The pattern is found in Imperial's 1909 catalog as mould No. 343 as shown below.

This blue Blaze 4 1/4-inch sauce sold at the 2013 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association convention auction for $700. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Crabclaw - Imperial
Crabclaw is another of those confusing Imperial geometric patterns. Its distinguishing feature is the crabclaw shaped sections on both pitchers and tumblers with the tips pointing down. Found only in marigold and only in water sets as shown above. The pattern was shown in Imperial's 1909 catalog as mould No. 409.

No bowls are known in this pattern although the Blaze and Hobstar and Arches bowls are sometimes misidentified as Crabclaw.

Diamond Ring - Imperial
Imperial's Diamond Ring is named for the ring shape with the diamond on top seen in the center of the rosebowl, above left. The pattern is found in the rosebowl shape and 9-10 inch bowls from which the rosebowls were made. Smaller sauces are rather scarce.

Larger bowls are found in marigold, purple and smoke. Small sauce bowls may also be found in green.

Fancy Flowers - Imperial
This is a cut-style pattern known only in this low compote or stemmed bowl, 9 to 10 inches across. Only found in marigold. The pattern is on the exterior; the interior is plain. Most easily remembered by the thick base with a short, broad hexagonal stem. These are quite scarce in classic Carnival but reissues, with IG marks in either marigold or smoke, can be found on eBay.
Wheels - Imperial
Another of Imperial's many geometric patterns. This one has large circles enclosing fine details. Note the detailed base pattern. An exterior-only pattern.

Small berry bowls are known in marigold.

Pictured above are the large 10 inch bowls in blue and clambroth. Ten inch bowls in green and marigold are also available.

To the left is a picture of Wheels 10 inch bowls paired with the base to a Twins fruit set as it appeared in early Imperial catalogs. When in a catalog, Wheels bowls are listed as mold #388. Pictured here, the Wheels fruit set is mold #788. The Wheels carnival glass bowls found do not fit a Twins base so the Wheels fruit bowl may not have been made in carnival.