Blackberry Banded and Briar Patch Hats - Fenton
Similar to Fenton's Blackberry Spray, Blackberry Banded has a ring of vertical lines and additional berries on the interior. These are much more rare than the Blackberry Spray. The tops can be ruffled or four sided up (square). Found in a rare amethyst, blue, green, marigold, marigold on moonstone and white. These sit on a round base and have a plain exterior.

A seldom seen pattern, Briar Patch gets little attention because so few people recognize it. It is much like Fenton's other hat shapes but has four groups of berries or briars at the very edge and four more toward the center, separated by a textured band. There is an octagonal base that rises to flutes on the back. Even auctioneers usually miss this one, often identifying it as Blackberry Spray.

Always found in blue.